June '24 Lately @ Lucid 🎉

June '24 Lately @ Lucid 🎉

Hello, Lucid community! I'm thrilled to share the latest strides we've made at Lucid to advance team collaboration. It's been an incredible journey, and I want to tell you about a few of our newest features and let you know where you can share your thoughts and feedback or learn more


Team hubs: By creating a team in Lucid, you can share documents with the right collaborators and centralize resources to streamline coordination and make teamwork smoother than ever. 

Touchscreen whiteboards: Lucid users can work in Lucidspark on large touchscreen devices through Google Meet, Zoom, and Webex, bridging the gap between remote and in-person collaboration.

Microsoft Copilot plugin: This integration with Copilot is a time-saver, offering AI-generated document summaries and facilitating seamless workflows.

AI-powered diagram generation: Empower teams to bring their ideas to life effortlessly with AI-generated diagrams.

Mind maps + AI: Fuel creativity with AI-assisted mind mapping—because innovation knows no bounds.


We are excited and eager to hear your feedback on these experiences. Join us in our feedback channels and share your thoughts on these new features! 

If you haven’t already registered for our Lately @ Lucid webinar on June 18, register now—this is one session you won’t want to miss. Register now!

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