Terms & Conditions

Thank you for being a part of the Lucid Community! In order to maintain a beneficial and constructive space for all users, we ask that you first and foremost treat others and Lucid with respect. The following are our guidelines for getting the most out of your community participation:

  • Ask lots of questions and support others who do so, regardless of skill level.

  • Answer questions for which you have a solution.

  • Share your honest, productive feedback.

  • Keep your language and tone clean, appropriate, and kind.

  • Enjoy yourself by connecting with others, getting inspired, and having fun!

The following is prohibited in the Lucid Community:

  • Vulgar, explicit, inappropriate, threatening, or hateful language or content.

  • Private information about yourself or another user, including email addresses or other contact information, Lucidchart document or Lucidspark board or Lucidscale model URLs, or billing information.

  • Disparaging content about Lucid or its partners.

  • Advertisements, self-promotion, or commercial activity.

  • Changing the subject of a discussion to something not intended by the original poster.

    •  Any off-topic posting or “hijacking” of threads will result in content being relocated or  removed and ultimately can cause users to be denied access to the community.

  • Any behavior or content that violates Lucid’s Terms of Service.

To report behavior or content that violates these Community Guidelines, please contact us at community@lucid.co with “Community Guidelines Violation” in the subject line and we will urgently investigate. 

We reserve the right to immediately remove any posts or comments that do not adhere to these Community Guidelines, as well as ban users who post them. We may also edit the title or body of your post for clarity where necessary. Discussion of moderator actions within the Lucid Community is not permitted; should you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, please contact the Community team at community@lucid.co