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  • 18 November 2023
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Lucid Community conversations are full of feedback about Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale, and we love that! We're always looking for how we can make our products more effective for you, and understanding your experiences and needs is essential for us. Below, find everything you need to know about sharing your ideas with Lucid.

Note: If you are are user on a FedRAMP account, please use this form to share any feedback or feature requests. 


Your feature requests and feedback are important

Lucid highly values your feedback and actively seeks to understand how its products can better support you in your work. Your feature requests are collected by the community team and shared with our product team for review as they consider improvements and further developments to our products.


What to do when you have an idea

  • Search, upvote, and comment on existing ideas
    It’s valuable to our product development team to understand how many people have the same feedback. The more the merrier! Search existing ideas using the search bar at the top of the feedback page (with the filter Topic Type = Idea), or using the Status and Feature filters in the right panel to see if your idea already exists. If it does, voice your support for the idea by upvoting the request and commenting to share your perspective.

Note: If you create a new idea that is a duplicate of an existing idea, the community moderation team will merge your new idea into the existing one to keep the conversation centralized. Likewise, if your comment on an existing idea actually relates to something different, the community moderation team will break it off into a separate post of its own.

  • Submit a new idea with as much detail as possible
    To create an idea, click the + New Topic button, then choose the Idea option under “What kind of topic are you creating?”

When posting a new idea, add the following elements to your idea to help both our product development team and your fellow community members understand what you’d like to see:

  • What’s missing from the current experience
  • Your specific use case, how you’d use the idea, and how it would impact your work 
  • What you’d like to see in the new experience you’re suggesting
  • Any relevant examples 


  • One idea at a time
    Please do not submit multiple ideas in one topic. Keeping distinct ideas in separate threads helps to keep voting, prioritization, and conversations clear. You can submit as many ideas as you need to!


How Lucid evaluates ideas

When you submit a new idea, it will be live in the community for other members to view, vote, and comment on. Every month, the community team surfaces the most popular ideas to the product development team for its review. For more detailed information on this process, please review: 


Setting expectations

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, but we’re not able to implement every single idea, and submitting an idea does not guarantee that our development team will implement it. Some ideas conflict with other requests, while others might not make sense for the strategic development of our product. Additionally, creating a new feature might be a long process and we need to prioritize other improvements during that time. We commit to keeping you in the loop about our priorities and opportunities to share feedback, and in turn we ask for understanding that we see and hear you, even if we’re not able to implement every request. 


Other ways to contribute

The Lucid community is the primary way for you as a user to share ideas and feedback, and our product development team wants to connect with you here! Product managers, UX researchers, and engineers regularly create topics in the community actively seeking your input. To take advantage of this opportunity to connect directly with those building Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale, take a look at the prompts under the Seeking Feedback section of the Product Feedback page. The product team member will respond to you with clarifying questions, ask for additional detail, and may even reach out to you to connect further via interview!


How to keep track of what’s new

The monthly Community News post in the News and Announcements topic provides regular updates about changes to the product, including relevant resources and opportunities. You’ll also find information about AB tests, bug fixes, and popular community conversations. 

Our Release Notes articles for Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale also summarize the new or updated features in the product each month. 

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