Enable linking to Pages/Views/Objects within a diagram

Related products: Lucidchart

It would be incredibly valuable to be able to link to specific views in my diagram. I have a single diagram with multipe pages, that each have multiple views relevant to specific questions but I can’t link from other documentation (e.g. Confluence) to the appropriate part of the diagram. I could work around this by creating lots of separate diagrams but then I lose the value of seeing them altogether. As a minimum a link to the right page would be nice, but I believe Miro lets you define a “view” (basically a shape within which the content exists) to which you can link and this would be ideal (particularly when you can fix view size ratios to be e.g. 16:9 and the link zooms to those extents)

Hi Luke! Two possible tools come to mind here. 

  1. In Lucidspark, you can put a Frame around the items you want to link to, and use the Link to Frame tool to generate a URL directly to that frame. If you have a Lucidspark license, it should be possible to switch between the products using Universal Canvas.
  2. If the frames are cluttering things up too much, you can highlight a set of items and use the Share functionality with the Link to current selection option selected under Additional Settings. The URL will then have a parameters similar to view_items=8I3JV-5W-ZH6Z...]

Let me know how these work out for you!