What happens to my feedback?

  • 18 November 2023
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Lucid depends on your feedback and we appreciate you sharing your insights on what you'd like to see in our products! We value your ideas and want you to understand what happens to your feedback after you take the time to share it with us. 


What happens with your ideas

Every piece of feedback is important to us—here’s how we use it:


All feedback is available to the product development team for research and review. 

Lucid’s product development team utilizes ideas in this community as a repository of feedback any time they are researching a feature. Even if an idea isn’t one of the top-voted requests for that month, it can still be incredibly helpful to the team, so please continue to share your use case and ideas as you have them.


Top-voted ideas are reviewed by the product development team each month. 

Make sure to show your support for great ideas by upvoting them. Each month, the community team surfaces the two most popular ideas (indicated by the number of upvotes) to Lucid’s product development team, which will assign one of the following statuses to the idea and share additional context.

  • Validating: the product development team hasn’t committed to the idea, but they’re scoping out possibilities and investigating requirements and implications
  • Future consideration: the product development team isn’t currently working on this but might revisit in the future, and you’re welcome to continue adding feedback to it 

A note about future consideration – when an idea receives this status, it can have a few reasons:

  • Technical limitations: an idea might have technical dependencies we need to address before it can be implemented.
  • Impact: this community is full of good, thoughtful ideas. However, sometimes the time investment to implement an idea might be too significant compared to the idea’s impact, or the product development team could realize other, more impactful or requested ideas at the same time.

This status definitely doesn’t mean “never,” though, and we encourage you to continue voicing your ideas within the community. 

In addition to the two most popular requests each month, the community team also regularly reviews all ideas and assigns the following statuses to any ideas that meet the corresponding criteria:

  • Seeking feedback: the product development team is actively conducting user research in this area and wants your feedback. Learn more about these ideas in How else can I contribute? below. 
  • Delivered: your feedback made a difference! This idea is live in our products and you can use it now. 
  • In beta: this idea is live in our products, but our product development team is still actively working on it. Everything might not yet work as expected, and we’d still like to hear your feedback.

Note: By default, a piece of feedback or a feature request will be labeled “idea.”

For more information on these statuses, please refer to:

The product development team may reach out to you for additional insight.

If you provide particularly insightful or detailed feedback about a feature that our development team is actively working on, one of Lucid’s product managers or user experiences researchers may like to reach out to you to understand what you’d like to see in even more detail. To see areas where Lucid’s development team is actively seeking feedback, please refer to the Seeking Feedback section of the Product Feedback community page.  


Setting expectations

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, but we’re not able to implement every single idea and submitting an idea does not guarantee that our development team will implement it. Some ideas conflict with other requests, while others might not make sense for the strategic development of our product. We have limited resources and need to carefully prioritize every improvement. We commit to keeping you in the loop where we can, and in turn we ask for understanding that we see and hear you, even if we’re not able to implement every request.

For more information on how to search for and contribute to ideas, get more involved, or stay in the loop about what’s new at Lucid, please refer to:


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