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Your new community platform: a central hub for all Lucid developer resources

  • 28 November 2023
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Welcome to our new community platform!

You might have noticed some changes around here – that's because we've upgraded to a new platform for the entire Lucid Community, bringing new features and opportunities for all our members, including the Lucid for Developers community space.


What’s new?

Now you can earn builder badges, more dynamically engage with forum discussions, participate in Groups, and even send private messages to other Community members, and more easily format code in your posts and comments. As we make this exciting transition, it's the perfect opportunity to revisit the wealth of resources available for interacting with Lucid's APIs and building extensions.


Key resources for interacting with Lucid's APIs and building extensions:


The Lucid for Developers community is your go-to spot for direct questions to our Technical Support team and to share feedback with our Development and Product teams. Consider these different areas of engagement:

  • Technical support queries: If you're facing challenges or have questions about using Lucid's APIs, seek assistance here from our technical experts.
  • Best practices and tips: Share and discover best practices for effective use of Lucid products. Exchange ideas, showcase your work and learn innovative ways to leverage our APIs.
  • Integration challenges: Discuss how you’re integrating Lucid tools into various workflows and systems. Collaborate on finding solutions for developing with our APIs.
  • Community collaborations: Find collaborators for your projects or contribute to others'. 
  • API updates and announcements: Keep up-to-date with the latest API developments and share your perspectives on these changes.


If you have any feedback regarding our APIs or wish to request new integrations, your input is invaluable to us. Here’s how you can share your thoughts:

  • Share your feedback: Initiate a discussion in the Lucid for Developers Community space by starting a new post. Your insights on our APIs are crucial for continuous improvement.
  • Request features or integrations: Visit our Community feedback space to submit specific feature or integration requests. For details on how we handle and consider your submissions, refer to this community post.


Let’s collaborate as you build and publish an integration on the Lucid platform!

As we step into this new era of our community platform, your insights, feedback, and collaborations are more valuable than ever. Together, we're not just users of Lucid's tools and services; we're active participants in seeing and building the future.

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