Google Drive Sync with Team folders

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Can someone help me understand how the google drive sync works with documents in team folders?

I’m on the Enterprise plan and we’d like to sync everyone’s lucidchart and lucidspark diagrams to our shared google drive. However, the integration seems to work on a per-user basis. Is this right? From our testing, it looks as though it only syncs files to the users account that created the document, even if it is created in a shared drive with shared ownership. This is confusing and I can’t seem to find any documentation. Can someone from Lucid please help?


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Thank you for your post!

This is correct. If you create a diagram in a team folder, the diagram will only sync to the creators account drive. We do not currently support a team folder on Google Drive that contains all files in a Lucidchart team folder, however, you are free to move files to a shared drive folder once they have been synced. For more information on Google Drive, please visit our Article - Integrate Lucidchart with Google Drive

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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How can I determine the ‘creator’ of a particular document? The implication in the team folder documentation is that everyone with the proper permissions in the team folder co-owns the document, or else that the document is owned somehow by the organization.

“To summarize, use team folders when you want the folder and its contents to be owned by the account. You can grant access to users, or groups of users, on the account. Use shared folders when you want to specify a single user as the owner of the folder and its contents.”

This is confusing with respect to the fact that the documents are managed by the ‘creator’ (not defined anywhere) for the purposes of the google drive sync.

I suggest updating the documentation for the article you linked to explain this, and or the team folder documentation. I read it thoroughly then had to run tests on my own and still ended up here asking this question. 

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Thank you for the follow up.

To see the user who created the document, you can click the three dotted menu to ‘show details’ and see the user who created the document. I have provided a screenshot as a reference. 


We apologize for any confusion and I am happy to pass feedback to update our Help Center Article.

At this time Team Folder sync to google drive is currently not supported. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our products and your input is the most effective way to achieve that goal. You can post new ideas in the Lucid Community and these ideas will be shared with our Product Development team for consideration. Before sharing your idea, please explore our community to find existing suggestions. Upvote or comment to voice your support, as all feedback is channeled through our community.

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