Set standard zoom and view when reopening or sharing Lucidchart document

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Every time I share or publish my document and another party views my document the document opens in random zoom settings and my page is never aligned. I don't know if there is a setting that will lock my view option or always align my page? Please help, this is very frustrating and feel like it makes my work look sloppy. 


Best answer by Zuzia S 10 July 2024, 14:41

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Hi @JamieSchryvers,

It is possible to reset your zoom level using the zoom options at the bottom right of your canvas, as shown here: 

Let me know if this helps!

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Each page of my document has been reset, but it still occurs. Zoom resets to 75% when I reset it, but when I go out and back into the document, it never changes. 

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Resetting the zoom did not fix the issue. The issue still happens after I reset the zoom.