lucidchart "Text style" option missing in toolbar.

  • 12 February 2024
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I feel somewhat embarrassed to ask something like this but I am at my wits end, and I think my OCD is kicking in ;) 

I am unable to find the text style option in the toolbar.



I am sure it is a setting but I can’t find it.
Any help would be appreciated. 


Best answer by Lance 13 February 2024, 00:38

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Hi exodo3,

This feature is currently undergoing some testing, so the documentation will be out-of-date until testing is finished. It has been removed in favor of other methods of quickly applying themes, so please don’t feel embarrassed for not being able to find something that doesn’t exist. 😉

You can apply existing styles to multiple shapes using the paint roller icon to the left of the font selector (see gif) in order to quickly apply styles you have created. Hopefully this helps as a workaround.

If you have feedback on the removal of text styles, please follow the instructions in this article for leaving feedback. That will get it in front of our product managers.

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Thanks, a lot! I was starting to think I was going nuts 😅. Although I am not happy 😏, I use templates and that tool is mighty useful to me, I will leave feedback as suggested.
Nonetheless, thanks for the fast response and excellent explanation. Above and beyond!