Issue with integrated pen on touchscreen Acer Spin 5

  • 6 June 2024
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Hello there,

First of all, I would just like to share that Lucidspark has been a dream come true for me -- it has brought my teaching to the next level, both live and virtual! I wanted to ask for some support with an interesting issue…

As I mentioned in the topic, I currently access my boards via my Acer Spin 5, which is a touchscreen-enabled laptop with a built-in stylus that interacts with the screen. I have been using this laptop with Lucidspark for the past 2-3 years without any issues. Recently, however, my pen suddenly changed unexpectedly in functionality in a not-so-pleasant way.

In the past, I was able to draw directly with my stylus after engaging the Pen function without pressing any buttons. I could easily switch between the other tools via keyboard hotkeys and use the pen without issue. Now, I seem to have an issue that requires me to keep the button on my stylus pressed at all times in order to engage. Interestingly, the board functions as it had before (ie: with the pen functioning normally) prior to changing anything; once I select a new tool (or change the pen tool), the the pen no longer writes continuously -- pressing the pen against the screen (the motion for drawing a simple line) now leaves a dot, then drags the screen, functioning similarly to a “right click hold drag” or a “finger press hold drag”. Trying to draw with my mouse and/or touchpad reveals I can no longer draw lines in this manner: even if I click and hold my left mouse button and drag (the old way to draw a line), the pen function does not engage.

I was wondering if I may have erroneously toggled some function on my boards and/or my PC? Would greatly appreciate any insight anyone may have so that I can return to previous functionality!


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Hi @ttsang

Thanks for your post and for your feedback! We’re glad to hear that Lucidspark has been a game changer for you! 

Unfortunately, Lucidspark hasn’t been tested to be compatible with these specific devices, so we’re not able to guarantee the experience and ensure full support for those. 

However, we’re very interested in your feedback and committed to continually improving our products. If you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear more details about your use case in the Product Feedback section of this community. 

First, search the Product Feedback section (with the filter Topic Type = Idea) to see if it’s already been submitted. If so, please add any additional details you’d like and upvote the request - this consolidation helps to refine feedback and properly capture the popularity of the request.

If no one has submitted this idea yet, please create one of your own and be sure to include details about your use case or what you’d like to see in this experience. This will also allow other users with similar requests to discover and upvote it, then add details of their own.

Finally, for more information on how Lucid manages feedback via this community, take a look at this post: