Inserting whitespace to add more shapes in a flowchart

  • 29 April 2020
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I use infinite workspace quite often. The challenge is what happens if I want to create/insert whitespace between two objects so I can perhaps drop something in there. it means I have to currently select and drag and drop. 

What I'm looking for is similar to how grouping and swimlanes work. As you drag the swimlane borders it shifts all other objects away from the swimlane and provides more space to work with.

I want to be able to do this vertically and horizontally. Works well in some other modeling tools I use. See attached. I can drag that line up or down and it inserts whitespace. If the line is over an object it grows the object as well depending on how far I drag the dotted line. 


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Hi Craig thanks for posting in the Community. Unfortunately what you are trying to do is not currently supported in Lucidchart. However we're always looking for ways to improve Lucidchart and your feedback is the best way for us to do that. Would you mind adding your idea to our Product Feedback community space? Ideas shared here are passed on to the product development team for their consideration—especially ones that get lots of upvotes! Thanks!

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Hi @Craig M101 thanks for taking the time to share your idea with us. I have some great news! We recently released Expand functionality that may address what you’re looking for here.

In Lucidchart and Lucidspark, press and hold the “Shift” and “Control” keys on your keyboard, then right-click and drag your cursor (vertically or horizontally) to make more space.

You can read through detailed steps here. Note the article linked shows how this works in Lucidchart, but it’s the same in Lucidspark.