How do you set the default spell checker language for new documents?

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Does anybody know how you set the default spell checker language for new documents? I found that you can set it per-document in the document settings, but I can’t find a way of setting the default for new documents I create in LucidCharts.


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Hi @yngndrw 

To change the spell checker language for a specific document, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the document for which you want to change the spell checker language.
  2. Go to the "Edit" menu at the top of the document editor (see screenshot below).
  3. Select "Change spell check Language" and choose the desired language from the list of available languages.

This method allows you to set the spell checker language on a per-document basis, but you'll need to repeat the process for each new document you create.

I hope this helps.



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Hello Ria,

Thank you for you response. I’m aware that it can be set on a per-document basis, but I was really hoping that it could be set on a per-account basis - It seems like a bit of a gap in the functionality if they don’t support this as a user’s language is not likely to change between documents in the majority of cases.

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Hi @yngndrw, and thank you @Ria S for your tip! Unfortunately, this isn’t currently supported in Lucid, but we’re very interested in your feedback and committed to continually improving our products. Please first search the Product Feedback section of this community (with the filter Topic Type = Idea) to see if it’s already been submitted. If so, please add any additional details you’d like and upvote the request - this consolidation helps to refine feedback and properly capture the popularity of the request.

If no one has submitted this idea yet, please create one of your own and be sure to include details about your use case or what you’d like to see in this experience. This will also allow other users with similar requests to discover and upvote it, then add details of their own.

Finally, for more information on how Lucid manages feedback via this community, take a look at this post: