Email Action not sending to email address

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I have a simple flow diagram connected to a GoogleSheet with a Approved and Denied Status.  In the Flow I have a process container with a Send Email Action if it gets to it.  When the Status=Denied I would like to send an email.  The status does change upon initial Googlesheet condition change.  The Email sending however - does not work.  Is there a setting that is needed to get this to work? 



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Hey @hshambaugh -- thanks for posting! When you are saying the email sending doesn’t work, are you meaning you would like for an email to be triggered and sent according to the flow you have created? If this is the case, would you mind to clarify what email service you are using to send this automated email? If this is not what you are trying to do, would you mind to send a couple screenshots of what you are attempting to do? 

Thank you for your help and patience! 

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Hi @hshambaugh Just to try to contribute on this:

I believe we need more information about which automation is behind this conditional e-mail. And that's because Lucid, by itself, won't run an automation ( @Phillip W Do correct me if I'm wrong) for a specific process.

And as a parallel option - I recommend using a service (e.g. Postmark) to check if the problem is with the automation or with the email itself that is not sending or receiving the message to the sender.

Hope I could help


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“...are you meaning you would like for an email to be triggered and sent according to the flow you have created?”  - YES!  Do I have to setup an email service within Lucid?  If so how?   


Email not sending in workflow:

Linked to Google Sheets.  When Set to Approved flow works as below but no email.  Email address is a google email address.


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Hey @hshambaugh -- thanks for the reply and screenshots! So, to clarify here, actions are not automated. These are used by holding cmmd/cntrl + shift and clicking on the shape. In this case, action clicking on the box that you have the email action on will open up your email to begin to compose an email to the email address you have listed. 

As @rafaalb07 stated above, we do not currently support email automation and we would recommend a different service provider for that type of workflow. 

Hope this helps! 

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It would have been good to use it as an ETL tool.  Some Companies seem to be lacking in tools of such and this is one of them.  Thanks for the answers.  

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Hey @hshambaugh -- thank you for your great feedback on this! Would you mind to share your thoughts on our Product feedback channel? This ensures it gets in front of our dev team for their consideration. 

Thanks so much for your help and honest feedback!