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  • 8 February 2024
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When importing backlog items from Azure DevOps, you need to search your item and then you can import it. Ideally when I have an Epic with underlying Features and underlying Stories, I want to import them all at once with connection lines between them so I can schematize/visualize the whole development of the Epic and all its relations.


Best answer by Richard U 13 February 2024, 19:01

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Hi @Chris Jolly! Abby here from Lucid. I thought you, and others who might come across this topic in the future, might be interested in Lucid’s Agile Trusted User Group. This group is made up of passionate, experienced users who regularly use agile methodologies in their work. As part of this group, you’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with Lucid’s product team and share insights about your workflows, pain points, and needs, shaping the future of Lucid’s agile tools. 🎉 You can learn more and apply here. Thanks!


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Hi @Chris Jolly thank you for that feedback. Our Product Development team is continuously working to improve this integration and your input is the most effective way to achieve that goal. Please consider sharing your ideas in the Product feedback space of the Lucid Community and these ideas will be shared directly with the team for consideration. Before sharing your idea, please explore our community to find existing suggestions. Upvote or comment to voice your support, as all feedback is channeled through our community.

For details on how feedback submissions are collected and considered, check out this community post.

We appreciate your willingness to provide your requests and feedback in the Lucid community and please let me know if I can provide further support or troubleshooting tips.

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Hi @Richard U, thanks for you reply.
You did understand my question correctly. The addition of drawing lines automatically between the imported ADO items would be a nice to have. Importing ADO items in bulk saves a lot of time instead of searching and adding them one by one. 


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@Chris Jolly Thank you for contributing to the Lucid Community, I’m happy to help! To start, as your message does not relate to our Public APIs, I’ve moved your post from the Lucid for Developers space into our Peer Support space.

If I’m understanding your message correctly, you’d like to filter your Azure DevOps (ADO) Work Item search by Epic, then import all Work Items within that Epic to Lucid Cards on the canvas at once. Additionally, are you seeking to have the lines automatically drawn between them? 

To make sure we're on the same page, please review our Integrate Lucid Cards with Azure DevOps Cloud article from the Lucid Help Center. It’s important to note the following:

  • While we do not support automatic line connections between Lucid Cards upon import from ADO, you can import to a Dynamic Table to organize items by assignee, status, project, or item type and easily adjust your view.
  • We recommend importing ADO issues in smaller batches rather than importing all ADO Work Items within an Epic all at once - this helps prevent possible import errors.
  • Minimize the number of work items on a Lucidspark board by creating a new board for successive planning sessions if possible. You can reference multiple Lucidspark boards that contain ADO-linked Lucid Cards by copy/pasting the board URL onto the canvas.