I am trying to use Singer and Meltano—external ELT tools—to create an integration with LucidChart's API. This integration would allow for data to be pulled from a user's LucidChart account to populate a database or other storage medium. However I am running into an issue with the way LucidChart handles refresh tokens.

As I understand it when I use the offline_access scope to have the user generate a refresh token I can then use this refresh token to request an access token any time within the next six months. However when I do so I also generate a new refresh token and invalidate the previous one. This makes my use case very difficult as I might potentially have multiple processes running at once attempting to use the LucidChart API. Awkward race conditions occur where one process attempts to use a refresh token that has been invalidated by another process.

Is there any way around this difficulty? Is there any way to generate an access token without invalidating the refresh token that was used to obtain it?