Where is a template legend?

  • 12 February 2024
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I am looking for a template that includes a ready-made chart / diagram legend, (see above Visio and ConceptDraw Diagram) does this exist in Lucid?




Best answer by Ryan Rhodes 12 February 2024, 18:48

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I can't think of anything with this exact kind of legend, but what I might suggest is utilizing Lucid Smart fields, which are like dynamic text boxes that will update, depending on the property of the document, like date, created by, modified by, Etc. I would make my own similar legend, with those Smart fields and then highlight all of those fields and then save it as a custom shape in my own custom shape library so that I could reuse it over and over again across my documents that I wanted.


See the insert menu for the smart fields at the bottom.


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Hi Ryan,


I saw the insertable, update-able fields option -- thought I would check first to see if there was an audit flow template (something similar?) that accommodated the legend.  I use this on most every chart -- I’ll create my own and reuse.  


Many thanks!