where can i find the specification of the csv import for database schema (ERD format) in Lucidchart

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I’d like to import schema and relation from a database (bigquery) that is not supported by the import feature of lucid.

I have all the informations and metadata to generate the import file, but i am unable to find a specification of this file to be able to  generate the relationship between objects.


We have retrofit some things from the sql examples, but impossible to find how to generate primary/foreign keys and the relationship.


Is there a file format specification somewhere ?


Best answer by Phillip W 30 May 2024, 16:35

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Hey @julien g -- thanks for posting!  If you are able to generate an output file in the format our ERD importer expects you should be able to import successfully. I've attached an example output file from a PostGreSQL import for reference, that is the format our importer will need your file to be in.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you it’s really helpful.

I think it should be in the main documentation.



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Hey @julien g -- happy to help!