Unable to see the LinkedIN Sales Navigator Intergration




I am struggling to understand how I can link LinkedIN Sales Navigator in LucidChart. It’s mentioned several time but there is no clear guidance HOW to do it…




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Hi @Stefan 

There is no native capability currently to integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Lucidchart, which presents a significant opportunity for enhancement.

I propose adding this feature to the ideas section, along with a compelling business case, to encourage the Lucid team


Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
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Hi @Stefan, jumping in to provide a bit more detail in addition to what Huma already shared. Lucidchart did used to support an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), in 2021, decided to refocus on a core set of integrations that aligned with their strategic objectives in the CRM, Sales Engagement, Business Intelligence, and Buyer Intent categories. Given this, LinkedIn made the decision to stop supporting a number of their existing integrations, including the Sales Navigator integration with Lucidchart. This integration was available until September 30, 2021.


My apologies for any confusion! Please let me know if you have additional questions about this.