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My team uses Azure DevOps to track our work.  Lucid has an integration with DevOps that allows you to add cards to a dynamic table, and they update their values as people make changes in DevOps.  This is great; I love it.


My issues is that I would like to do release planning and see how the work pushes out into the future.  The Lucid Timeline control should be perfect for this.  However, I cannot drag my DevOps cards into the timeline, only cards created in the timeline.  


Is there a way to get the Azure DevOps linked cards to work with the Lucid Timeline?


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Hey @smckinney, thanks for posting! It should be possible to drag cards created through our Azure Devops integration onto a timeline in Lucidspark. The cards will not automatically adjust their size/position like standard Lucid cards do when dragged onto the timeline, but they should remain linked to Azure Devops and update accordingly.

If Azure Devops cards are not displaying properly when you drag them onto a timeline, they might be ‘hidden’ behind the timeline itself. To correct this, you can simply right click on the card and select Arrange>Bring to front, as shown in this GIF:


Hope this helps!

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Correct, I can position the cards over the timeline.  However, if I create cards that are linked to the timeline by double clicking on it, the timeline will add rows associated with those cards, such as Assignee.  I do not see any way to create this data linkage between my DevOps cards and the timeline.