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  • 1 November 2023
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Hi if take a look at the screenshot there is a table of content feature. why cant I see it on my projects?


Best answer by Leah W 1 November 2023, 17:29

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Hi Mohammed

Thanks for posting in the Community!

Due to recent updates you can now find the table of contents feature in the bottom right-hand corner of the document page in Lucidspark. Please see the screenshot below for more information on where to find this feature. The table of contents feature allows you to track the different frames within your Lucidspark document.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any further related questions below!

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I’m using Lucidchart, is this feature available there?

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Hey @Karen.Stewart -- thanks for posting! So, there isn’t a table of contents, however, there is a diagram key. If you click on the create diagram key button in the shapes menu, you should be able to utilize this feature. 


Hope this helps!

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@Phillip W - Not sure I understand… I thought the Diagram Key just creates a report with the shapes, (which doesn’t include the shapes in your personal library (ugh), yes, I know submit a product enhancement for this). How would I create a Table of Contents with this? 

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Hey @Karen.Stewart -- I’ve answered you in this post here: