Shape options change doesn't update values immediately

  • 10 July 2024
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Hi. I’m using Firefox (version 127.0.2) and when using the shape options the screen is not updated when changing values.

To reproduce:

  • create a new diagram
  • add a box
  • select the box
  • open Shape Options
  • click the arrows for up/down in any field

The drawing changes, but the value in the dialog is not updated until closed and opened. Can this this fixed?




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Hi @ChrisW, thanks for posting in the Lucid Community! Could you try opening your document in a private or incognito window to help us narrow down the potential cause? Could you also try connecting to a different network or disconnecting from your VPN (if applicable)? Sometimes account performance issues can be related to internet security/speed or browser issues. These steps will help us eliminate that possibility. For help with opening an incognito window, please see this community post (in English). Let me know if the issue persists!