mobile web- keeps redirecting to app + no login with email / pass

  • 12 May 2024
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when visiting on my iphone 13 pro (ios 17) using safari 2x big issues come up:


1- On the home page there is no login with email and password, they only show login with Google, login with slack, or log in with Microsoft.  (I had to do a Google search to find one of the lucid login pages that offers login with email).


2- (very big issue) - Once logged in, I have a paid individual account, so unfortunately I don't get access to the lucidchart app.  So when using the mobile web interface, once I open one of my charts, I keep getting redirected to the lucidchart app (which is a dead end of course, as after login to app it says app is only for teams + enterprise level accounts).


99% of the time im on my desktop using lucidchart - However there are times when I'm on the road and need to be able to download a PDF of one of my charts and those are the times I (try to) use the mobile web interface.


I really wish Lucid would allow paid individual accounts access to the app EVEN if just in a read-only type of way, so that we could easily view our maps or export them to PDF when on the road.  (ie Only enterprise /teams accounts can interact / edit charts in the lucid app , and paid individuals accounts can only view (read-only) in the app).



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Hey @lucid J -- thanks for posting! We understand that the recent change in the availability of the Lucid iOS apps to Individual users may cause inconvenience. App Store reviewers have recently adopted a stricter definition to enforce a policy requiring certain apps to implement Apple’s in-app purchasing. Lucid apps were determined to not qualify under specific exemptions to this policy, and as a result, we are no longer able to offer the Lucid iOS apps to Individual users. You can see 3.1.1 of App Store Review Guidelines for more details. 

As for your issues you are experiencing in Safari, I would urge you to attempt to access Lucid in a different web browser such as Chrome. If you continue to experience these issues using a different mobile browser, would you care to follow up with me so I can forward this to our mobile team? 

Thank you for your help and patience!