Missing uploaded images in the diagram

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The issue is visible to me and my colleagues that have access to the diagram.

There are shapes that contain images that I have uploaded and images that found on the web using your internal image search tab.

All the images appear with an image place holder (in the screen shot, the text has been intentionaly removed and that is the reason the connecting lines are interrupted - please focus on the image place holders).

If I copy the diagram into other applications like drawing.io, the images appear. There is something wrong with your rendering in my case.

This happens in latest version of Chrome (also in icognito) or Edge. 


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Hi @remus.pepelea, thanks for posting in the Lucid Community! 

Could you go through the following steps and let me know if any of those help mitigate this issue: 

  • WebGL might be causing an issue with the graphics card on your computer. Can you try toggling WebGL off? This can be done by selecting View > Rendering > Use WebGL and un-selecting this option. For help with disabling WebGL, please see this Community post (in English).
  • Could you try creating a copy of your document to see if the issue persists in the copy? You can do this from the docs list by clicking on More > Duplicate on the document. 
  • After copying the images to another app, could you try copying them from that app and then pasting them back into your Lucidchart document? 


Please let me know if the issue still persists after this!

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Hello @Eric R. I appreciate your response and the help that came with it but unfortunately the problem persists:

  • I have disabled WebGL from LucidChart View menu and there were no images rendered but their place holders.
  • I have duplicated the document and there was no change.
  • I was able to paste an image back from a different source but something else happened: I could no longer paste any image content from my LucidChart diagrams to other apps.

I really hope this is something that can be fixed, some of my colleagues have experienced it but their images “started” to be visible again.

I am looking at 8 years of diagram work being wasted and the situation is affecting my current work progress.

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I can now confirm that a lot of my colleagues experience the same issue.

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Hello @Eric R. Do you have any news on this issue?