Is it possible to totally firmly fix the document size?

  • 11 July 2024
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I have a FIRM requirement that the flowchart i am working on must be output to PDF, with size EXCTLY 24”x12”. I turned off “infinite canvas” and set document size, in settings, to 24X12. But, my canvas keeps getting bigger. I don’t even know why. Maybe i drag up to some border and something auto-resizes. I started at 24x12. Then i noticed (by looking at rulers) it was up to 24x24, and i was working in the lower of the 24” height, so there was about 12” above me that was blank. So, i moved everything back up to the top 12” and things seemed to be ok (tedious work though!). Then later i happened to look at the ruler at the top, and i was now, suddenly (don’t know why!) working in the horizontal range of 24” to 48” (not 0” to 24”), and there were 24” to my right that were blank.  My overall chart i am working on still appears to be 24x12, but there is 24” to the left that is totally blank. So, again it happened, and i don’t know why. (NOTE: verified in document settings that it is still set to 24x12 and infinite canvas is still OFF).

Is there some way to set this “TOTALLY FIRMLY” so it never expands in any direction?  That it simply is not be permitted to expand beyond the 24x12 that i set it to, and if i bump up against an edge, well, it just prevents me from going further, saying to me “this is the edge, you cannot go beyond it”? Thats what i thought i was getting.


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Thanks for providing this additional context @TomCon! I’ve responded to your question in the post below, please refer to that thread for further updates: