How to empty Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale documents from trash

  • 4 August 2011
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Do we have an option of removing documents from the trash?


Best answer by Micah 10 May 2024, 18:06

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Hi Dee Thanks for posting on the Community! Documents are automatically removed from the trash after 7 days. Currently there's no way to permanently delete the documents before this 7-day grace period expires.

Very rarely are the size of the actual documents the issue.  Typically it is user images which you can delete via the image manager. Deleting images from the image manager will result in the storage meter being updated more quickly than the trash can is currently emptied.

Thanks for the reply Dave.
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Hi! Jumping in on this post to clarify current functionality here - it is now possible to purge deleted documents from the Trash folder. To do so, simply open the Trash folder and select Empty trash.

Upon selecting this, you’ll see an overview of everything that you will be permanently deleting, as well as the implications of permanently deleting it.


If you’d prefer to transfer ownership of the documents or folders in your trash instead of deleting them, you can view instructions on how to do so using the prompt at the top of the modal (or via this link). Otherwise, click Delete Forever to proceed.