How do I rotate text within a shape?

  • 15 January 2022
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How does one rotate text within a shape? I've seen this asked before but as yet unable to find the response. Thanks.


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Hi Anre 

Thank you for posting in the Lucid community! Our sincere apologies for the delayed response on this thread - I wanted to follow up in case this answer may still be useful to you and to provide a solution for other users who see this thread in the future.  

I have attached a gif of the steps you can take to rotate text within a shape! Click your shape> On the top menu click the "Text Options" button> Click "Rotate".

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Suggestion: Please also make it possible to rotate the row-labels in a Dynamic Table.

Why: As the row-labels in a Dynamic Tables are rotated left by 90 degrees, it makes it unnecessary hard to read the labels.

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Hi @Jonas L, thank you for continuing this post and sharing your feedback. I see that you’ve also created an idea post for this request! 

We encourage anyone else who’s interested in this to upvote the above post and share any additional details about your use case or what you’d like to see in this experience. For more information about how we manage feedback in this community, please take a look at this post:

We appreciate your willingness to provide your requests and feedback in the Lucid Community!