Google Sheets Org Chart Integration - automate colour coding boxes

  • 18 June 2024
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Is it possible to colour code a cell in Google Sheets that corresponds to the colour of the Org Chart box in Lucid? E.g. I colour code a cell Green, and the corresponding person in the Lucid Org Chart is also green.


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Hi Chloe,

There isn’t an easy way colour code an org chart box in Lucid based on its color in Google Sheets. I’m talking to some other engineers to see if there’s a workaround based on data we already pull from Google. I’ll update you if I find something.

Either way, I recommend using the product feedback flow in the Community to request the feature. Here is a post with instructions on how to do that.


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I verified with the team that knows the most about data linking and org charts that there is not a way to do this right now. So the best path forward is to request the feature using the flow I linked in my last post.