Duplicating a page does not duplicate layers

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Hello, I have a big diagram that is interactive using actions to toggle layers behind shapes.

When I duplicate the page the layers do not come with it. In my memory this was possible before. Am I missing something?


  1. Right click page tab
  2. Select duplicate


  1. Page is duplicated but without layers.


  • Layers on original page
  • No layers on duplicated page


Best answer by Kriz 8 July 2024, 14:25

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I found a partial solution to this issue.


  1. Open Layers on original page
  2. Show all the layers on the page, by selecteing “show” one at a time
  3. Right click page tab
  4. Select Duplicate
  5. On Duplicate page hide all the layers again

This will duplicate the layers from the original page, a quite a bit of extra clicks but gets the job done.

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Hi @Kriz, thank you for posting in the community! I was able to reproduce the behaviour with duplicating a page with layers and looks like you’ve identified a bug.

I’ve reported this to our development team for investigation, and I will be sure to share an update via this thread as soon as I’m able. I am sorry for the inconvenience - please let me know if you have additional questions!