Dotted line doesn't show on PDF when printing a sub-process box

  • 17 December 2021
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Hi there

When I'm creating a chart sometimes I use the sub-process box which has a dotted line on it.  When I print to PDF the dotted line dissapears.  This is using a Chromebook (pixelbook go).  The rest of the features render as they do on screen.


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Hi Leigh thank you for taking the time to post in Lucid Community! We are currently aware a bug some users are experiencing where dashed lines and shapes are not exporting correctly. I've added this to our report with our development team.

I was able to replicate the issue on my document and recognize that this issue may hinder your workflow. As a workaround I recommend halting the use of the dashed lines/shapes temporarily and using the solid and dotted lines (The first option and last three options in the Line Style Menu). While using these two types of styles I was able to produce accurate PDF JPEG and PNG exports. I have attached a screenshot for reference as well of which ones worked for me.

If you are still seeing issues with exports using the dotted and solid lines please reach out to our support team directly using this form and one of us will assist as soon as possible!

Stay tuned on this thread for future updates!

Thanks @colton e - I created a new diagram and used the format to get the dotted line.  I'll keep posted for the bug fix!


Is there an update from the Lucid development team on this bug? I am having the same issue with exporting BPMN 2.0 notation to PDF issues with group frame and event sub-process. The workaround suggested above is not feasible when using BPMN -- the workaround would lead to syntactically incorrect notation. See screenshots below:

What I enter into Lucid and start to export

Confirmation Screen Renders Correctly

PDF Download with Errors - No Dots or Dashes


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@rjohnson thanks for posting in the community! A fix has been implemented for this bug and I am not able to re-create the issue on my end, meaning this is likely something document specific. Could you share more detail about your diagram and the way you're exporting?


Could you also send a support pin for this document? This will allow me to take a closer look at the issue. More information on how to generate a support pin can be found here.


@gwingate : Thank you! I have generated a support PIN - OE8pWwBQTR9g.

More details on how the issue occurred:

  1. From “More Shapes”, I added the BPMN 2.0 library
  2. Using the BPMN 2.0 library to add:
  3. Shapes and frames with solid, dashed, and dotted edges
  4. Attempt an export to PDF and see the dashed and dotted shapes all fill in with solid lines (syntactically incorrect in BPMN 2.0)


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@rjohnson my apologies for the continued trouble! I created a ticket for you so we can continue to discuss and troubleshoot but wanted to update everyone here. It looks like this is related to an ongoing issue with BPMN 2.0 shapes with dashed/ dotted edges exporting. I apologize for any disruption this may cause, and I will update this thread with any new information about a fix. To workaround the issue, documents can be exported as SVG files or the shapes can be recreated from the regular shape bank.


To recreate the Event Sub-Process BPMN 2.0 shape, first drag out a regular process shape. Then, select the corresponding line style.

To recreate the BPMN 2.0 group container, you will need to switch to the containers panel on the left hand side of your Lucidspark board. Then, drag out the standard rectangular container and select the corresponding line style.

Please follow along on this thread for updates, and post any additional questions or concerns below. Please also post below if you need help recreating any specific BPMN 2.0 shapes, I am happy to help.


Thank you for the ideas for the efficient workarounds, @gwingate, I’ll use these for the time being. I wanted to make sure the Lucid team was aware of the issue…glad that you all are already in process with this!

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@rjohnson Thanks for letting us know, I’ll post any updates in this thread!