Delete all Documents to get to 0% storage

  • 9 February 2024
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How do I delate all documents, images or anything that take storage space.

I would like to get to 0% storage.



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Hi @lavitech, thank you for posting in the community! 

There are a few specific things worth noting when working with storage:

  • Every account type has a different amount of storage. You can find the details for each account level and consider if upgrading might be a good option for you in this help center article.
  • You can check how much of your storage is being used and what it is being used by in your Account Settings at the bottom of the left panel. If you hover over each of the colored sections, you can see what that portion of the storage represents.
  • Images generally take up the most space in your account, if you are running out of room it is recommended that you clear out as many images as you can from both your documents and your Image Manager. You can access your Image Manager from the file menu at the top of your document editor.
  • Please note, when deleting documents, in order to free up storage space you will need to navigate to your trash folder and select to delete the documents from your trash as well.

If none of these resources resolve the issue, would you mind sending me a screenshot of the issue so I can take a closer look?


Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for your help and patience!