Can you link multiple diagrams into a master diagram?

I want to create a huge organisational processes diagram but would like each section of the diagram to be a 'stand-alone' diagram as well.

Is it possible create separate diagrams for each part of the process and then have them all link together in a master diagram? For example there would be a 'Marketing' processes diagram that when updated would also update in the full organistional process diagram?


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Hi Sarah

Thanks for interacting with the Community!  I like your ambitious plans for Lucidchart and I hope I can help point you in the right direction!  If I am imagining your vision correctly I was thinking that the best way to create a huge master diagram like this would be to link a few different diagrams together using "hotspots."  Hotspots are essentially shapes in Lucidchart that link to other webpages. You could create your larger master diagram and then create hotspots that link to separate smaller Lucidchart diagrams for marketing or other functions.  So when you follow the flow in the larger diagram and reach the end of one branch you will reach a hotspot link that will take you into a separate diagram.  You can read about adding hotspots in the Help Center by clicking on the following link:

Here are a few other links that may prove helpful in designing this.  Read about master pages here:

And learn how to create templates with this video:

Let me know if you have any more questions.  I'd love to help further!

Can you create a master page that I could use in various documents that when one changes (ie. org) that they all change/update?  

Hi Brice

Thanks for posting in the community. Unfortunately this is not currently possible. However if adding this functionality would be useful for your please let us know via our product feedback section.  Suggestions submitted there passed directly to our product development team for their consideration. Thanks in advance for you help and I apologize for any inconvenience. 

@tate s this functionality would be very useful for me as well! I'd love to be able to break out sections of a larger flow to update in tabs and automatically update in a larger flow. 

@tate s my organization is creating many linked dependency diagrams for a large code base and being able to create a dynamic backward reference chart would be extremely useful to us as well. It's been year is this feature still nonexistent?

Hi Gerald

Thanks for posting. This feature has not been implemented. Unfortunately I don't have any updates on possible future implementation. I apologize for any inconvenience! 

I've also been trying to find a way to create a master diagram in Lucid Chart.

I would like to arrange many different (referenced) diagrams on one master page to give a complete overview of multiple processes.

The referenced view would not need to be editable (that would be controlled inside each individual chart).

Lines/arrows could be attached to the bounds of each referenced chart to create links between them as an overview.

This functionality is very useful as the charts making up the master diagram can be maintained and updated separately but the overview could automatically remain up to date with no additional effort.

I hope that this relatively simple/limited function can be added to the roadmap soon.


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Hi Will

Thanks for your comment!

The more requests the Product Team receives the higher the chances that the feature prioritised for development! For this reason I would recommend that you also submit your feedback to the product feedback section of the community.

Thank you!