can't copy uml markup diagram

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I’m trying to copy a diagram created using uml markup into another document, but the copy option is grayed out. I can copy any regular diagram just fine.


Best answer by Zuzia S 11 July 2024, 16:48

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Hi @mdv

Could you please share a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing? Otherwise here are some solutions for this:

  • Manually select the diagram and copy (Ctrl + C for Microsoft, Cmd + C for Mac) then paste it (Ctrl + V for Microsoft, Cmd + V for Mac) on another document or page.
  • Alternatively, you can make a copy of the document by selecting File > Make a copy, naming the new document and proceeding to edit the diagram in the new file. 

Let me know if this helps!

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I created a new dummy diagram to show the problem - in the screenshot I have right-clicked on the diagram and as you can see, Copy is grayed out


I guess I have to use Export selection instead? 

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Hi @mdv

Thanks for your response! 

In order for you to style/copy your diagram, you must first ungroup it. Select the diagram, right-click, and select Ungroup.

Keep in mind that if you ungroup your generated UML diagram it will be disconnected from the markup and you will be unable to edit the diagram using the markup moving forward.

This article about UML diagrams is very helpful.

Apologies for the confusion and I hope this helps! :) 

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Hi Zuzia,

Good to know but I don’t want to ungroup, so I’ll use Export instead.

thank you