Can I share a flow chart with my client on the individual plan?

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I’m new here. I’m about to create a critical path for a client, which I want to be able to share with them. Is this something that’s possible with one licence, or do I need two?




Best answer by Leo Barnes 10 June 2024, 14:45

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Hi @leelee - you can absolutely share it with someone who does not have their own Lucid license.

Just create your flow chart and the click the blue ‘Share’ button at the top-right of the page.

At this point you can define who gets to see your work of genius and how they interact with it. If the diagram is created using LucidSpark, it’s possible to send it to a ‘Guest’ (and even set passcodes / expiration dates too!).

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Hopefully this article helps with more detail:

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Thanks Leo!