Bug related to conditional formatting and swimlane location and swimlane order

  • 4 July 2024
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I believe I have found a bug that I can replicate in multiple templates or documents.

If conditional formatting is used to apply a shape style (e.g., change the background fill color) based on the swimlane name that shape is located in, and the swimlane order in the diagram is later changed, the conditional formatting follows the order of the swimlanes and not the swimlane name. 

The conditional formatting feature is great, but this is a deal killer for the way we intended to use conditional formatting.

I’ve created a template that has all our department and external business partner names as a swimlane. Then used conditional formatting to have each shape dropped within that swimlane match the swimlane header color. All great until swimlanes are re-ordered or unneeded ones are deleted. 

If this apparent bug could be resolved, the conditional formatting feature would be a major timesaver for our intended use. 


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Hi @AndrewS, thanks for posting in the Lucid Community! Yes, you have identified a bug, and I have reported this to our development team. I apologize for any disruption this may cause, and I will update this thread with any new information about a fix. Please follow along on this thread for updates, and post any additional questions or concerns below.