As widget in Confluence 'Zoom to content' button is missing

  • 25 June 2024
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In Lucidchart website when hover on percentages bottom right on the screen it shows Zoom to content option.

In Confluence, the RichView widget, on hover it doesn’t shows anything. Empty menu.




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Hi @Kamenov 

Seems this needs to be worked with the internal team to address things within the Confluence RichView widget as per your point.


Hi @Leianne C - Could you please take a look and confirm on how to handle this from here?



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Thanks @Humas1985, I’m happy to help here! @Kamenov  I was able to reproduce the behaviour where the zoom to content button is missing in Confluence rich viewer, and looks like you’ve identified a bug.

I’ve reported this to our development team for investigation, and I will be sure to share an update via this thread as soon as I’m able. I am sorry for the inconvenience - please let me know if you have additional questions!