X and Y Coordinates using Rest API

  • 10 October 2023
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Do we have a way to get the X and Y coordinate of LucidChart Elements?

For now if we use OAuth 2.0 Rest API for getting the content of a document it seems that we don't have these X and Y coordinate.

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Best answer by Richard U 29 April 2024, 18:41

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Hi Michel

Thanks for posting in the Community!

While we do have an API to get document data out from Lucidchart it however currently does not return positional data (e.g. the X Y coordinates of a shape).

To get support with the Lucid APIs and/or provide feedback to our API Team I would recommend visiting our Lucid for Developers Community space!

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Hello, @Coumba D , is it still the case?, if yes, is it possible to extend the current API to provide document content information (coordinates) like extension APIs do?

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@KGV The Document Contents does not include positional coordinates, though I’ve passed along your feedback directly to our Product team. Thank you for the feature request! We welcome any additional insights or specifics you can provide on how this feature would enhance your experience with Lucid's products and our APIs.