Standard Import - define document metadata (pixels, A4, landscape, non-stretch)

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Is there a way to set the document settings using the standard import (or via rest API).

I have my import working well but it defaults to American letter portrait and inches. I need to change that.


Something along the lines of:

"version": 1,
"title": "Test",
"documentSettings": {
"units": "pixels",
"paperSize": "A4",
"format": "landscape",
"autoTiling": false
"pages": [...]




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Hi @Alex B, thanks for reaching out in the Developer community and apologies for the delay in response!

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to set those settings via the standard import. You will need to set this manually for your documents.

I understand this may not be ideal and would love to understand more about your use-case and scope of the issue. If not being able to configure these settings via API is a major blocker for you, could you please provide more details about why you need to set these document settings and the scope of the issue (are you importing a lot of files etc.)?

I apologize for any inconveniences this causes. Feel free to respond in this thread if you have any other questions!

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Thanks for the quick response. My use case is as follows:

We are exporting technical diagrams out of our cloud platform into lucid for further editing and also PDF / PNG embedding into quotations.

Our quotation team will prepare a quote from our system and export these diagrams. They’d like to be able to print them easily.

As our team are located around the world, we’d like to export it into their own locale and localization settings. 

Therefore each time they import into lucid from our platform, ideally it should be in the right units and page size / orientation.

It seems quite a limitation that you can’t already do this - are all your standard import customers in USA?

Happy to talk further if required.