Standard Import - control text padding and shadows

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Is there a way to configure the text padding and shape shadows? I don’t see it in the documentation.


Re the text padding - my use case is attempting to align some text to a shape in a legend

I have to manually update the padding after the import to get it to align to the centre in the editor


I’ve tried:

<p style=";font-size:8pt;margin:0px">


<p style=";font-size:8pt;padding:0px">

neither work


Re the shadows - that would enable my items to stand out better over a plan 




Best answer by Amelia W 8 May 2024, 17:08

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Hi @Alex B, thanks for posting in the Lucid Community! I apologize for the delay here. You can add a shadow to your objects by navigating to the Shape options in the formatting bar at the top of your editor. (see screenshot below)

To set default settings for your document, such as a shadow or font size/color, make sure that no objects are selected on your document, then choose the settings you wish to apply. Then, new objects that are added to your diagram will maintain those selections. Unfortunately, you cannot set a default padding level at this time, but you can choose a default indent if you would like. 

I’m less familiar with our API features, but if you have additional questions about those, feel free to post in our Lucid for Developers Community, to learn from and collaborate with other developers! Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Hi Amelia,


Thanks for the note. 


Apologies though, I was referring to the Standard Import - importing a lucid chart document via the API - there’s no controls there to adjust these settings.


Hope that makes sense.

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Hi @Alex B, thanks for following up! I’m moving your post into the Lucid for Developer Community so that you can collaborate with other developers and product experts who use our API features. Feel free to continue adding to this thread!

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Alex and I have been discussing this over email. As was said, there’s currently no way through the standard import to specify text format or drop shadows.

As a potential workaround: It seems the text doesn’t align correctly because the bounding box of the shape is too small compared to the size of the text. It should be possible to increase the height of the text shape and re-center it with the adjacent shape to get alignment.