PanelLocation values other than RightDock?

  • 20 March 2024
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In the Extension API, I am looking for all the options for PanelLocation.

I see location: PanelLocation.RightDock.  Are there are locations?

Thanks, Dan


Best answer by Richard U 22 March 2024, 18:51

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Hi @PromitaDan!

Here’s what I can see on the PanelLocation options.

  • PanelLocation.RightDock (the one you referenced)
    • In Lucidchart, this creates a “sibling” section within the Contextual Panel that is anchored to the right side of the Lucidchart interface
  • PanelLocation.ContentDock
    • In Lucidchart, this creates a “sibling” section to the Shape Toolbox on the left side of the Lucidchart interface
  • PanelLocation.ImageSearchTab
    • In Lucidchart and Lucidspark, this creates a “sibling” section within the Image Search panel

I hope this helps!

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Where did you find that?  i honestly searched before posting!


 Oh ya, thanks!

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@PromitaDan  you haven't missed anything—this detailed information on PanelLocation options isn't currently available in our public documentation, so thank you for asking! We’ve taken this as feedback to our ongoing efforts to update our documentation and provide greater visibility to our codebase. Our goal is to provide all the resources needed to build on our Developer platform - which is rapidly growing!


Stay tuned for updates and new posts here, in the Lucid for Developers Community, for the latest information and discussion regarding our APIs and developer resources (listed below).

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