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New Share Link APIs

  • 11 March 2024
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Hello, Lucid Developers Community!


We're happy to announce the launch of our brand-new Share Link APIs, a step forward in enhancing collaboration and sharing capabilities within your applications.


What's new with Share Link APIs? Using these APIs, users can automatically generate share links for their documents, making it much easier to share and distribute these documents with others on their team.


  • Streamlined Collaboration
    • Generate and manage shareable links directly from your app
  • Easy Integration
    • A simple API call integrated directly into your workflows is all it takes to create/delete shareable links and update link settings
  • Enhanced Security Control (Enterprise accounts only)
    • Add passcodes
    • Set expiry dates
    • Restrict shareable links to account-only users with the restrictToAccount property
    • Enable Guest Collaboration in your shareable links for Lucidspark
  • Custom Access Levels
    • Decide exactly how others can interact with your shared documents – view, edit, or comment


For a deep dive into how to get started with Share Link APIs, check out our detailed guide in the Developer Documentation section.


We would love to hear how you leverage these new features to elevate your projects. Leave a comment to share your use-case and feel free to post any questions in the thread below!


Happy building!


Scott, Lucid API Team 🚀



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this is exciting news! 

Thanks for the update @Scott P 

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I normal Lucidchart documents we can share a document to a group. That seems not possible through the API. Is that something you are considering for future versions?

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@Scott P Hi, is it possibly to integrate embedded Lucid visuals in Azure DevOps? 

On this page Guides (lucid.co) there is not an example of MS Azure DevOps added. It might be not possible, so before we figure this out in depth, you might already have the answer for me.

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@renekreijveld ,
We actually do support sharing documents to a group, it just hasn’t been added to our documentation yet! If you look at the Create/Update Document User Collaborator endpoint, the endpoint for group collaborators is the same but with this path:


All valid scopes, token types, and body parameters match the user collaborator endpoint.

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Hi @Chris Jolly, thanks for contributing to the Lucid for Developers Community! @Scott P  is traveling for a conference today though I’m happy to help with your question.

To clarify, are you meaning to build an external embed with Azure DevOps so Lucid documents can be embedded within an ADO Work Item? You are correct that a public integration has not been built for this yet. However, from the Lucid-side, there are no inherent limitations preventing the use of Lucid’s APIs to build a web extension for ADO that externally embeds Lucid documents to ADO Work Items. 

The absence of an ADO example on our Guides page is simply because it hasn't been built yet, not because it's impossible. If you're interested in creating an external embed that's available to everyone in our Marketplace, please sign up here to be a technology partner! We'd love to learn more about how you use Lucid and support you in developing this new integration to take our partnership to the next level.

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@Richard U Thanks for your quick reply. At this moment I have the situation that we have schematics in Lucid and written documentation in the Azure DevOps Wiki. This might be related to each other. For users it would be great if this is combined in one place. 

So my question was related to embed Lucid Visuals in the DevOps Wiki section. 

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@Chris Jolly That’s a great use!

From what I can tell this is currently not supported in the Azure DevOps Wiki, unfortunately. I haven’t tried this before so I just tested in the ADO Wiki. I found that the “Paste HTML” button does work for iframes and it looks like you can’t use extensions either. I searched around and don’t believe there’s a setting at the Organization/Project/Wiki-levels that would enforce an iframe specific HTML restriction so my guess is this is just not allowed by Azure DevOps (perhaps due to security concerns).

Further, based on this topic from the Microsoft Developer Community it sounds like we may not be the first folks seeking this functionality! One user reported a workaround back in 2019 using raw HTML within Markdown to embed iframes, but it appears this might no longer be viable.

While you can Activate the Embed Code for any Lucid document, or use our REST and Extension APIs to build an external embed integration (e.g. for ADO Work Items), it looks like this can’t be done for ADO Wikis at the moment.