Lucidchart API - list of folders IDs

  • 7 July 2023
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Hi Lucidcharts
What is the preferred API method to get a list of folders IDs? I'm trying to pull together the list of users and collaborators and all of those calls require a folder ID; but I'm finding difficulty even fetching a list of folder IDs.

Is there an API call to GET /folders which returns a list of folder IDs?

Thank you



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Hello Boris thank you for your question.

The endpoint returns the folder IDs of any folders within it.  You can call folders/root/contents to get the user's root folders and iterate from there to get all folders.

One note.  The /root call does not currently return the team folders for a user. This effectively means its not currently possible to get the initial list of Team Folder IDs. This is a known issue and we are investigating a way to provide that functionality as well. I do not currently have a timeline for when this will be available.

Thanks I manually discovered all the folder IDs I needed and will hardcode them for now.

Thank you