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  • 14 March 2024
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I had a couple of concerns regarding the creation of documents via the API. Currently we are creating documents into the default folder but are having issues with users viewing them. Currently only Admins have the ability to view them. Regarding this we are wondering if there is a way to share documents that are created to organizational group? Are there other ways we could share the documents to users as well?


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Hi @arajN2,

Thank you for contributing to the Lucid for Developers Community. If you are on an Enterprise Lucid subscription, you should be aware of two group types available: "Organizational Groups" and "Groups (Sharing)."

Organizational Groups are designed for managing licenses and billing and cannot be added as collaborators to documents or folders. On the other hand, Groups (Sharing) are meant for document collaboration and can be easily added as collaborators on folders resulting in all group members receiving access to the folder at once (with the corresponding access-permission of the collaborator role assigned). To share a folder with a user group via Lucid’s REST API, use the Create/Update Folder Group Collaborator endpoint, ensuring you have the appropriate user token with folder scope permissions.

For more details on managing user groups within Lucid, please review our Help Center article on Group management. Note that "Organizational Groups" are a newer feature, and not all Enterprise accounts have transitioned to this structure yet. If you're working with groups from a previous management system, they are considered regular "Sharing Groups" and can be added as collaborators. 

Additionally, we offer several methods for sharing documents via our API, including the newly introduced Share Link APIs, which generate a shareable link for your document with specified permissions. Remember, all sharing actions are subject to your Lucid account's administrative controls.

Let me know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!


Thanks for the response Richard, 


I was wondering if there is a way to direct the documents that are created into a specific folder and then add a group to that folder so that all users in that group have access. As of right now the documents are being created in my Documents, but I would like to have them made within a specific folder that I have made.


Thanks Richard

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You’re welcome - thanks for your question!

To direct newly created documents into a specific folder via the API, include the folderID in the parent request parameter of your Create Document API request. 

For sharing these documents with a group, you can utilize the Create/Update Folder Group Collaborator endpoint. This requires an appropriate user token with folder scope permissions to add a user group as collaborators to the folder. By doing so, all members of the group will automatically gain access to the folder and its contents, according to the access permissions assigned to the collaborator role.