Converting Excel Employees to Salesforce Contacts

  • 30 January 2024
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I would like to know if there is a way to convert employee cards from auto generate Excel org charts into contact cards for Salesforce. The current format of the org chart from Excel lists all contacts as employees, but is there a function to convert them to contacts? 


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Hey Jacki!

This is a very interesting question. This conversion should be possible with our Extension API. With our Extension API, a developer can write a script that reads columnar data from the data linking panel (which is used for Org Charts) and create new shapes. However, there a few caveats: 

  1. This would require development (e.g. it’s not something a user could do by themselves in the UI). However, we love supporting new and interesting builds on our API, so we’re more than happy to support/answer questions if someone is developing!
  2. We do not have Extension API documentation for creating/managing Salesforce shapes. However, if this is something you’d be looking to develop, we’d figure out how to provide you the needed information (e.g. likely post it here and/or find a place for this in our documentation)
  3. No one has actually built this flow before, which is why I was extra cautious and said “should be possible with our Extension API”

Is this something that you’d explore having a developer build on our API? Or were you looking for something in-product/in-the-UI?