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  • 5 April 2024
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Hello, we are working with Lucid in our projects, we need to calculate to time. We need to get the approval Date of some documents by api. It is posible?


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Hi @ljarami , thanks for your question and for contributing to the Lucid Community! As your question regards our API I’ve relocated it here, to our Lucid for Developers Community space.

I get what you're aiming for with wanting to track the "Approval Date" for documents. Lucid doesn't have a built-in document attribute for this directly, but I have a couple of workaround ideas using our REST API.

Idea 1: You could make a daily call to the GET Document Contents endpoint to see the current details of your documents. If "Approval Date" is when a document's status attribute changes to "Approved," tracking the Document Resource daily for changes to the status attribute would help you programmatically determine the approval date. 

Idea 2: Another route could be having an admin set up a custom attribute named "Approval Date" on documents. This can be done from the Lucid Admin Panel > Documents & folders > Attributes page (details in our Help Center). With the “Approval Date” added as a custom attribute - when a document gets approved, the date gets manually entered here. Our API lets you grab these custom attributes, including this "Approval Date," right in the Document Resource JSON under customAttributes.


If you're new to the Lucid Developer Platform, start by exploring the Developer Tools and reviewing our Developer Guide for tips on getting started. For the nuts and bolts, our API documentation has all the technical specifics you'll need. And if you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to drop a comment right here in the Lucid Developer Community—your go-to place for solutions, collaborating with other Lucid Developers, and exchanging ideas.