Active status of user. Why we are not getting this through API?

Hi everyone

I was able to get the Lucidchart API to work to get the information of a user but when I checked the response it does not give us the active/inactive status of the user. But I can see that on Lucidchart console.

Is their any other API that I am missing if yes please help me with the same.


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Hello Mike

Unfortunately you are correct that neither the users-resources or users-resources-profile currently provide the status. It is helpful for us to get direct feedback on what features developers most request. If you could submit your request here  that will us us prioritize the most impactful improvements.

hi mbowers


do you have any update on my enhancement request? this will be a great help for us.




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Hello Mike

Thank you for submitting and following up. I do not have any updates to provide regarding adding status to the User or other resources.