Upcoming Webinar: Building effective business process diagrams


Hey Lucid Community! My name’s Cal and I’m a customer trainer at Lucid. In a few days, I’ll be hosting webinar to help you and your teams build stellar business process diagrams. 


I’ll show you how to build your diagrams for clarity so that you can gain even more insights into your workflows and processes. Then, we’ll workshop together so that you leave feeling confident to create your own diagrams.


Here are the details:

Building effective business process diagrams

📅 Date: May 16, 2024

🕒Time: 11 a.m. MDT (1 p.m. EDT)



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Don’t want to miss this one! These tips make such a difference in creating documentation that actually is helpful and clear. 

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Looking forward to this webinar @Cal Martin!

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Would not want to miss this one for the world! Cannot wait to see more tomorrow!