How have you improved team coordination in Lucid? (+ our tips!)

  • 13 June 2024
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Hi, Lucid Community!

I’m excited to share some tips to improve the way your team coordinates work! 

Team coordination involves arranging people, work, and timelines to ensure projects run smoothly. But coordination has become more difficult with an increase in hybrid and remote teams. Luckily, Lucid can help.

Try out these strategies:

  1. Build a home base for your team. In Lucid, users can organize themselves into teams and create a team hub, a shared space with centralized resources so every team member can initiate, discuss, and get updates on projects. 
  2. Document your team’s mission statement and goals. Use Lucid templates to determine your team mission statement and then include this statement in your team space along with team goals to keep that information top of mind.
  3. Determine clear team guidelines and communication channels. Invite team members to add their thoughts to a team charter and establish guidelines such as how team members give project updates and how to resolve conflict.
  4. Foster connection and build trust. Create a section in your team space for team members to share pictures and life updates, or try out one of our Visual Activities to learn more about your co-workers. 
  5. Create opportunities to develop collaboration skills. Add training resources to your team space, and check out Lucid Training Labs to strengthen your visual collaboration skills.

Read the full post for additional tips! 

But now we want to hear from you—how have you used Lucid to coordinate better with your team members?

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