Creating a Dynamic Status Tracker for cards in Lucid

  • 19 April 2024
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How to build a cool dynamic tracker for your cards! This works for Jira, “standard” Lucid cards, etc. thanks to the smart semantic field mapping of formulas in Lucid. Lucid formulas can detect the status etc. of cards, and formulas can add it all up!


See video:






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Thank you for sharing. I can see how this can be helpful. 

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This is ideal to give a better dynamic visualization - especially when operating throughout a PM driven environment. Could you technically also drive these status shape trackers with formula logic from a spreadsheet that would serve as an export from a non-integrated PM platform?

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@mfriedman Yes! Lucidchart allows data linking, meaning you can bring in a spreadsheet, and you could absolutely hook the dynamic shapes up to the spreadsheet data instead (again via formulas).

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Very nice! Will definitely try this! :)