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  • 13 March 2024
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Here at Lucid, we are constantly creating new templates to make you successful in our products! Keep an eye out for the latest and greatest template releases by subscribing to this topic threadย ๐ŸŽ‰


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New templates | March, 2024

  • Smart Jira dashboard: Use this smart template to integrate with Jira and stay on top of your sprint forecast.ย 
  • Quarterly project sprint plan: Use this smart template to plan your quarter with ease using Lucid Cards and formulas.ย 
  • Architecture review: Use this template to prepare your architecture review notes and establish a meeting agenda.
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New templates | April, 2024

  • New Agile templates: Make your Agile events more collaborative and effective. Use Lucidโ€™s tried-and-tested solutions to guide your team through every step of the sprint cycle.ย 
    • Backlog planning: Evaluate and assess your backlog stories and plan the next steps with this backlog planning board.
    • Sprint backlog refinement: Break down product backlog items to simplify your workload.
    • Sprint estimation: Streamline collaborative planning with story point estimation.
    • Sprint planning: Make sprint planning easy by visualizing your upcoming tasks.
    • Daily standup: Meet with your team to discuss daily to-do items.
    • Sprint review: Meet with your team at the end of each sprint to discuss accomplishments.
    • Sprint retrospective: Ask team members to reflect and contribute feedback to improve processes and future sprints.
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@Kiraย -- thank you for putting this together and bringing it to the community. This is huge and will be well used!ย 

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@Kiraย this is great, I am definitely getting some ideas on how to improve scrum meetings or daily stand ups!ย