5 Lucidspark features you may not be using

  • 18 April 2024
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Inspired by feedback from a survey distributed to Lucid Champions, an exclusive, customer-centric program for Lucid’s most dedicated users, we rounded up 5 Lucidspark features you may not be using—but should be!

  1. Tasks

Assign a collaborator to a task to notify them of something that needs their attention. Tasks are great when you need approval, have a follow-up question, need to double-check work, and more! 


  1. Gather

The Gather tool can be used for brainstorming. It allows you to easily gather sticky notes into groups based on these categories: emoji reactions, reactions by collaborator, keywords, colors, tags, votes, and votes by collaborator. You can even gather using multiple categories!



  1. Quick Cleanup

Quick Cleanup is another way to organize your sticky notes after an ideation session. Use Quick Cleanup to align sticky notes so that they’re not all over the canvas.



  1. Magic Shape

With Magic Shape, you don’t have to spend time trying to draw the perfect shape yourself freehand. Simply draw a rough shape and use Magic Shape to automatically convert your drawing to a perfect shape. Magic Shape will work for circles, diamonds, stars, stickies, squares, triangles, rectangles, and lines.



  1. Notes panel 

With the Notes panel, you can add context to your Lucidspark boards without cluttering the canvas. The Notes panel is a great place to provide helpful links and resources, set objectives, or outline the agenda for the entire board. Then, as you work, record action items, take notes, define goals, and make assignments and next steps for your team. 




Want even more info on how to find and use these features? Read our full blog post.

How do you use these features? Share in the comments! 


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I’m always learning with Lucid - I have not yet explored the Gather Tool and Notes Panel. I can’t wait to try it at my next meeting

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Great post, the notes   - are personal discovery! May the note be added to the “card” in lucid spak?

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@xenia cubrac Yep! You can add notes to Lucid Cards by right-clicking the card and selecting “Add note.”